Understanding Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy seeks to enhance long-term romantic relationships and even resolve deeper interpersonal conflicts. While there are many different factors that may contribute to a couple's relationship difficulties, one of the most significant causes may be a lack of communication between couples. This is where couples therapy can provide some much-needed assistance. Couples therapy Boston is a time-tested method that has helped thousands of couples rediscover their love and find real satisfaction in their relationship. Couples may find the help they need by working with a professional marriage counselor trained in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common style of couples counseling and involves two therapists who will sit together and carefully examine your relationship. Your relationship issues will be examined such as how blame is assigned to individual members, whether communication is avoided or distorted, what words are used to criticize and express displeasure, and how denial and rationalization have replaced healthy feelings within the relationship. Once a problem has been identified, several suggestions for improving the relationship are then made available to the couple. These suggestions may include new rules for the relationship, learning new ways to connect with each other emotionally and physically, learning new ways of communicating, and finding out what things really bring pleasure to the relationship.

In most instances, couples therapy takes place in an office setting but can also take place in the home. If at all possible, couples counseling should take place in a quiet, private office. The purpose of the therapy should be to foster a strong sense of trust between the two people in the relationship. The therapist should encourage communication between the couple and should also listen to the couple and truly attempt to understand their concerns and desires.

When undergoing couples therapy, it is important to remember that it is for the benefit of the individual and their partner. The therapist will work closely with the two people to develop a comprehensive plan to address their relationship problems. One of the goals of the family Boston therapist is to help the couple develop new positive habits and behaviors for living a more fulfilling and successful relationship. It is the goal of the family therapist to offer their patient an overall sense of wellbeing.

Couples who are seeking a solution-focused conversation may wish to consider a couples therapy that includes both an on-site therapist and an off-site therapist. The couples therapy that takes place off-site involves a therapist who facilitates the interaction between the couple and their friends or families. The off-site therapist will assist in many areas including: communicating during the therapy, offering suggestions to help the couple to work toward a solution-focused conversation, listening to the couple's concerns and wants, and developing a behavior plan that will be beneficial for the patient. In some instances, the off-site therapist will also make referrals to an on-site therapist if needed.

As previously stated, the most common outcome associated with couples therapy is the development of a loving and committed relationship between the couple. If you and your partner are having difficulties in this area, your therapist is likely very experienced in this particular area. It is important to note that it is not uncommon to have conflicts or other problems associated with emotional intimacy, and it is best to speak with your therapist at any time if this is the case. While therapy is designed to address these issues, it can and does fail to do so, and your therapist should be prepared to address any issue that may arise.

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